About Me

The Beginning…
Without much faith in my abilities or competencies, I took a leap and opened an office to provide employment opportunities for my former Pierce College students. Previously, I had landed a managerial position with a Korean interest who needed a website and other services, and as that window closed, I decided to keep moving forward in starting my own web design business.

God opens windows when we give up and allow him to lead our lives.
It was a struggle, couldn’t pay the rent, the utilities and I was on the verge of closing this office when another former student called, she worked for a large firm and they wanted to hear our bid for their website redesign. This was ‘good news’, I think at that time I wasn’t sure why the Lord would close this office if I truly believed that I was doing the ‘right thing’, how young I was in the faith.

It’s been a few years since that revelation in faith, and I have made many decisions concerning this business, some with success and doubtless, some without. I still believe His blessings are new everyday and it is no different for my business. I continue to work out my faith, letting Him run this business as He sees fit. Since that day I have closed the office and decided to lighten the load of debt and expectations. It’s now just me, my wife and two contracted workers and I am able to still provide services relevant to new media technology. His blessings are truly new everyday.


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